What’s Next In Spring 2012 Nail Fashion?

2011 was dominated by the UV Manicure.  Leading the group was the Shellac Manicure, then the Axxium Manicure, Gelish Manicure, Gelac and quickly catching up is the DIY Red Carpet Manicure.  The question has been asked if this new nail trend will spread into 2012.  Most say it certainly will but with some color twists.

Tuxedo nails

The 2011 New York Fashion week was almost like a time machine that took the participants into next years fashion.  This fashion time machine revealed three groups of nail color twists that will affect nail polishes, including the UV Manicures.

This year’s fashion week showed three main color trends that will dominate the nail polish color market in 2012.

Black nails

The first trend is for all the ladies who are absolutely in love with the electric rock look. The fashion week showed multiple colors that included new pop, rock, and electric excitement.  The polishes are gearing up to shout out from your nails with fashion and energy.

The second trend is for ladies who are in love with nature and fashion.  There is no reason that an organic woman can’t be beautiful as well. It really was no surprise that the fashion industry would brand its own natural polish colors with this “Organatech” color group.  The colors come from things seen in nature like granite, sand, stone, or other earthly tones.  With these colors as the foundation they are brought out with flashes of high tech colors and undertones.

The third trend has taken a page from the books of the royal families throughout the ages.  They all seem to have that special rich antique look that would only be found on the richest of ancient civilizations.  This “Treasured Antiquities” group is full of gold, metallic, bronze, and other antique treasure looks.

These three main nail color groups are sure to be an exciting 2012 season for nail polish colors.  A good description of what to expect for the 2012 nail polish year would have to be “The Year Of No Woman Left Behind In Nail Polish Fashion.” We hope you enjoy your nail polish now and get ready for colors that will amaze you!

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