Training Tips For Gaining A Model’s Physique

Being a Fitness model relies on their physique and body image to help pay the bills, which makes their training, fitness, nutrition and workouts important. Although many people believe that getting the ideal figure is tantamount to undergoing a challenging process you don’t actually have to make great deal of sacrifices to make your goals achievable. However, It does require dedication and commitment, which why following a great UK fitness blog does help.

All the training sessions will consist of low weights and supersets, which is a type of training routine. The supersets will only have 30-second breaks between each superset, you’ll need to cut down the weight so you won’t have to sacrifice form because of the heavy weights. Before you train, it is important to make sure you are in the ‘zone’ and focused.  This will help the mental barriers that you might face, which will help you achieve the physiological challenges ahead. This is important with superset training as you are pushing your muscles to absolute failure and fatigue.

Make sure that you are covering all major muscle groups in your weekly training sessions, including leg workouts. Most people don’t regard leg workouts in the same regard as the other parts of the body like chest and arms. However, this muscle group is the biggest, which will result in your body releasing more endodomophins, to help your muscles grow and tone. Light weights should be used in workouts, so reps will range anywhere from 15-to-20 to assure you fully exhaust your muscles. The only exception to this is abs, and reps should be the 25 range. Sets will be kept down to 3 per exercise, and rest in between each superset/exercise will only be 30 seconds.

In order maintain maximal conditioning, fitness models need to perform at least 60 minutes of cardio twice per week, on top of the superset workout. Before pumping up for a photo shoot, make sure look at yourself in the mirror and find the weak points that need improvement. For example, if your arms  aren’t as developed as the rest of your muscles, then you should focus on pumping up your biceps and triceps before any other muscle. In addition, a good tan can help bring out definition and detail. The darker you are the more defined you look. You can go to a tanning bed or simply buy tanning products. Along with a great nutrition plan.

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