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The Story of the Elusive Pneumonia White

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

By Emma Wills

With the internet now inundated with fashion bloggers, finding a blog that stands out from the rest is quite hard to come by. Pneumonia white captivated me from the first click, the images and words creating a modern fairy tale that is in equal parts intriguing and morbid. Anya, the creator, is vague and mysterious. Her hazy and ethereal images capture a pale, elfish girl with an impeccable dress sense-yet reveal little more. Her eyes are always hidden.

She writes in fragments, so we may get glimpses of her life but never the full picture; like looking through a kaleidoscope. We know she lives in Hollywood, yet it is not as we think. For Anya experiences a secret Hollywood, where loneliness prevails and self-medication comes in the form of newly packaged shoes and opulent designer dresses. The people in her life weave shades of grey through the tapestry. Pneumonia black, her best friend, is persuasive and impulsive. Black is personified in pictures yet remains elusive enough to perhaps be a mere alter ego of White. It is a confusing, addictive and sometimes frustrating read-but should be visited to see the wonderful pictures alone.

After a mere two months, the Pneumonia White blog is now notorious in the blogosphere. Criticised by some for being a huge PR stunt as part of a bigger blogging network and praised by others as a riveting read with inspiring photography-only one thing is for sure. We may never know who Pneumonia White really is.

Images: Pneumonia White

Applying to a Model Agency

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

By Megan Salmon

These days as well as going to open castings at agencies looking for new faces you can do it via the comfort of your home through the magic of the internet. Almost all agencies have a ‘become a model’ section and application form. If you find an agency that you think fits with your look and aspirations then there is nothing lost by sending in an application! However when send an application to any model agency there are a few things you should consider:

Firstly read the agencies requirements of models if they have height preferences and you do not meet them then maybe you should reconsider your application. As horrid as that sounds they have written it there for a reason.

Secondly the images you send, the agency may require certain shots eg a head, profile and full length so it is best to follow these. Also the images you choose should be natural and unedited. Remember that you do not need professional photographs a model agency can judge your potential from any snapshot so please don’t waste a lot of money on unnecessary professional photoshoots.

Finally, as disheartening as it may be an agency receives many, many applications from aspiring models each day so if you don’t hear back then don’t be disheartened they won’t have the time to reply with advice to every application they receive.

Hope this little bit of advice is of use to you aspiring models, and best of luck in your application!

Kate Couture

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

By Emma Wills

The name Kate now seems to be synonymous with amazing tastes in wedding couture. Just over two months since the Duchess of Cambridge glided down the aisle in that McQueen creation, Kate Moss married Jamie Hince wearing a vintage inspired Galliano. Understated glamour is what Kate does best and the floor length fitted dress was no exception. Thesimplistic silhouette echoed the nostalgic elegance of the 1920s while sequins and sheer panelling added drama. A delicately embroidered veil with a smattering of silver sequins was the crowning glory, complimenting Kate’s loose bohemian waves and ethereal beauty.

While Galliano has been unable to avoid the negative glare of the media in recent times, his talent as a designer is undeniable. The fashion world was reminded of his brilliance when pictures of Kate surfaced, prompting glowing reviews. The workmanship of the gown seemed to perfectly capture the very essence of Moss and the free spiritedness she radiates.  Surely a welcome commendation for Galliano; who awaits a court verdict in September following his dismissal from Christian Dior.

Graduate Fashion Show

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Six of our lovely BM Models will be walking on the catwalk to showcase the graduate’s designs from the University of Brighton through an independent event they are hosting today. Furthermore our model Bernadette will be in the lookbook produced for the students final creations.

BM Models feels great pride in being able to support the next generation of fashion and loves the opportunity to work with creative students and graduates, we offer special rates for our student clientele as we understand that money can sometimes be a bit tight for them.

Peter Twiss

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Once again Bethany has been booked to work with the delightful designer Peter Twiss to model his new season collection.

Brighton Fashion Week

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Creative Director Bethania Matteus’s catwalk workshops have recently taught Brighton Fashion Week models on the art of the perfect walk.

Our models’ favourite relaxing activities

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Being a model unlike to what most people think is a tough job. It’s not just about walking up and down the catwalk for a few minutes but a lot more than is not quite obvious. Castings can be all around London and within one day a model may have to spend hours in public transport trying to attend as many castings as possible. And when a job has been booked a few fittings will take place that again can be anywhere, from central London to Brighton.

London Sanctuary Spa

Source: The Sanctuary London Spa

During fashion shows the intensity is even higher as apart from the stress there is a lot of pressure as everything has to be delivered perfectly. Some designers are so demanding  and have so high expectations which causes extra pressure. Also, fashion shows can take up to ten hours as there is a lot of preparation, time spent for the make-up, the styling, trying again and again the different garments and so much more.

What our models find extremely relaxing after a hard day at work is a enjoying a spa day. A day of indulgence and pampering is so revitalising that makes our models being full of energy again for next week. With so many various spa treatments available, from facial therapies to a health massage there is no wonder why a spa days are so popular among our models.

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L’Oreal Colour Trophy

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

L’oreal Colour Trophy 2010 contestant Esther from Rush Brighton used BM Productions to create a photoshoot for her entry.


Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

CLothing company Vacant booked BM model Imogen for their S/S 10 lookbook.

LFW: Jerempaul

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Walking for Jerempaul were BM models Ngozi and Saskia.