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The Story of the Elusive Pneumonia White

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

By Emma Wills

With the internet now inundated with fashion bloggers, finding a blog that stands out from the rest is quite hard to come by. Pneumonia white captivated me from the first click, the images and words creating a modern fairy tale that is in equal parts intriguing and morbid. Anya, the creator, is vague and mysterious. Her hazy and ethereal images capture a pale, elfish girl with an impeccable dress sense-yet reveal little more. Her eyes are always hidden.

She writes in fragments, so we may get glimpses of her life but never the full picture; like looking through a kaleidoscope. We know she lives in Hollywood, yet it is not as we think. For Anya experiences a secret Hollywood, where loneliness prevails and self-medication comes in the form of newly packaged shoes and opulent designer dresses. The people in her life weave shades of grey through the tapestry. Pneumonia black, her best friend, is persuasive and impulsive. Black is personified in pictures yet remains elusive enough to perhaps be a mere alter ego of White. It is a confusing, addictive and sometimes frustrating read-but should be visited to see the wonderful pictures alone.

After a mere two months, the Pneumonia White blog is now notorious in the blogosphere. Criticised by some for being a huge PR stunt as part of a bigger blogging network and praised by others as a riveting read with inspiring photography-only one thing is for sure. We may never know who Pneumonia White really is.

Images: Pneumonia White

Sheer is the New Black

Monday, July 25th, 2011

By Emma Wills

As fashions come and go, the once debatable sheer trend seems to be here to stay. Initially deemed a fabric best left for the sartorially savvy fashionista’s to experiment with, for fear of getting it wrong and looking more Moll Flanders than McQueen, it is now apparent that everyone wants to be seen in sheer.  Kate Middleton is currently holding the status of one of the best dressed in Britain, a title I am sure many would kill for beyond that of a Duchess. Yet, lest we forget that scandalous cloth of Italian yarns that allegedly won Williams heart, sheer fabrics are to be worn with utmost care in order to stay on the right side of alluring.

The midi, which reached cult status this spring/summer, is receiving a sheer update in time for autumn/winter.  Something about the primness of a knee brushing skirt detracts from any negative connotations that sheer clothing may provoke. The key to styling sheer in fact lies in the balance, the perfect amount of demure to daring. The classic blouse, a wardrobe staple, is a great example. Fully buttoned up and worn with smart tailored trousers, the peeping of a lace bra underneath is hardly offensive. Sheer fabrics can be worn and used in a multitude of ways through panelling, feminine draping and layering.

Take cues from the street style pictures below. A sheer lace maxi with a simple white t-shirt makes for instant daytime chic. Anja Rubik in the second picture demonstrates how to wear high waisted knicker shorts under a sheer dress. Teemed with easy flats, she shows just the right amount of flesh without being overtly provocative. Olivia Palermo, the darling of tailored elegance remains perfectly demure with cross hatch detailing on a translucent dress. Never again will black be boring.

Images: Carolines Mode