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Monday, August 8th, 2011

By Emma Wills

Every so often, a newly discovered designer will enchant their way onto our fashion radar. Woven threads, like liquid silver, or the crispness of a starched structured shoulder; intricate beading or angular edges may capture our attention. Designer Kym Ellery did just that; working fairy-tale magic to create an allure of mystery and power in her garments.

Kym, the creative force behind the brand E L L E R Y, is fashion royalty in her home country of Australia. Born into a suitably artistic family, the Perth native completed a certificate of Fashion Design before attending the acclaimed Central St. Martins in London. After a four year stint working as part of the creative team for RUSSH magazine (now a leading fashion title in Australia), Kym focused her creative talents on launching E L L E R Y in 2007.

The brand seamlessly blends an intoxicating mix of regimental order and spirited freedom through Kym’s contemporary designs. Fabrics range from shimmering metallics, to crisp clinical whites and deep midnight hues. A reliance on strong structures is apparent throughout E L L E R Y collections, yet the insouciance which epitomises Australian style is never lost.

The current collection is a myriad of geometric cut jackets and tunics, structured midriff showing tops in an array of fabrics, metallic shorts and shimmering floor sweeping skirts which sublimely complement one another. The overall result is nothing short of a modern feminine masterpiece.

Visit the website to see more of the collection.