Peter Twiss

January 20th, 2011

Once again Bethany has been booked to work with the delightful designer Peter Twiss to model his new season collection.

New Year, New Faces…

January 16th, 2011

The Details…..
1st OPEN CASTING OF THE YEAR- Why not pop along to meet us!!!

WHEN: Saturday 22nd January
WHAT TIME: 10am-2pm
WHERE: 82 Queens Road, Brighton BN1 3XE (buzzer BM Models)

All potential models are required to bring along a head photo and a full length photo. Feel free to also bring along a portfolio or book if you have one (either printed or on a memory stick). No professional photographs are required we can tell your potential from any normal photograph.

Males: 15+, 6′ and over
Females: 15+, 5′8” and over.
All models under 18 should bring a parent or guardian

open casting Brighton

Blue Monkey Events

December 20th, 2010

Blue Monkey Events hosted a Halloween Fashion Ball where MollieChristina and Saskia donned some crazy couture costumes.

Trevillion Images

November 20th, 2010

Ivan was involved with a photoshoot for Trevillion Images to produce a wonderful image that will be used for an upcoming book cover.

The Top Trends from London Fashion Week

November 3rd, 2010

Pastels was one of the top trends at London Fashion Week for the Spring/ Summer 2012 runways. They were found in practically every show and lighter colors are a sure thing to hit the stores come warmer weather. Colors ranged from sea foam green to metallic pink and every one was structured into full on pallets to tiny hints in each collection. Yellow seemed to be the color of choice as its sunny appearance reminded us of the warm spring days to come.

Prints were also making a huge presence and they were found everywhere from floral shift dresses to paisley trousers at Erdem. The more color and the wilder the statement the better. Printed trousers were paired with equally as printed oxford shirts or neon tee shirts and muted heels. There were also many embellished pieces to be found with sparkles, feathers, flowers and appliques galore. This could have been pushed to far, but with some care this trend can be very beautiful.

Skirts are continuing to see lengths being lowered and volume added. Paper bag, full skirts and vintage jewellery from Lovett & Co were the trend in London this season. Short skirts made a few appearances, however, most were bigger and bolder then previous season’s micro minis.

Athletic touches is another big trend expected for spring. The difference between this weeks take on this trend is that it is more modern and unexpected. There are surprising details of jersey or mesh in lace dresses or canvas bags with sequins. Its the minimalistic approach to this trend that makes it so fresh.

If you are wanting to experience some fun this spring, do not worry there is a trend for you! Many designers were incorporating unexpected fabrics such as plastic into their collections designed into shirts or skirts. These are quite dangerously new and daring, but with the right attitude very sexy. Knits, however, continue to be dominant in the London fashion scene. Practical and easy, knits are ideal for the weather of the UK.

Ethnic and tribal printed pieces have continued into this season as it has been present for a few years now. This trend may not be around for much longer, yet some designers continue to push the Aztec and wild printed prints on dresses and beaded fringe bags.

In addition to sportswear, many designers featured evening dreses in their collections. The best were the show stopping numbers from Temperley, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood.


Stay on top of fashion’s latest trends and get involved in the new designs for Autumn/Winter 2011

Teenage Cancer Trust

November 1st, 2010

As the sunshine comes out the Teenage Cancer Trust are trying to educate us all about the importance of sun awareness with their Shunburn campaign. Jamie features in video for this campaign with T4’s Jameela that you can see below.

Teenage Cancer Trust presents Shunburn 2011

Perfect Men’s Winter Fashion Tips

October 31st, 2010

It’s getting colder and colder now thanks to stupid nature, throwing a hissy fit every year about the same time…so predictable.

Don’t worry about it though, because now you’ve got an excuse to buy some new stuff that will keep you toasty warm and still looking sweet.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking about all the possibilities in these different situations.


Sadly work does not stop for anything, even a ton of snow and low temperatures. The best thing to do for wintery work days is to make sure your footwear is sorted. This is partly to protect your smart kicks from the salt and wet, but also because most work shoes aren’t the best for walking on ice and you don’t want to end up on your face when you’re trying to look professional. You have two options – Brogue boots for style or Hiking boots for practicality.

Snow Day

If you tend to be out and about for work and you want to look smart, but not ‘work smart’ than there are two items you want to think about adding to your wardrobe. First is the strangely fashionable cable knit jumper. These are as practical as they are retro cool and will make you stand out in a crowd of regular v-necks. Also essential is the double breasted blazer. These have been popping up on loads of catwalks with a slimmed down and shortened design to avoid the normal fattening effect of regular shaped double breasted jackets.

Christmas Day

The big day, whether you like it or not, is not far off. You know you’re going to eat, drink and be merry, but do you know what you’re going to wear. Christmas day is all about comfort as you will have a lot of sitting around and indulging to do. This means cool t-shirts and comedy jumpers. Think Flight of the Conchords and you are in the right area. Just don’t go too far with it because a badly judged rude t-shirt could have your gran choking on the sprouts.

New Years

When New Year comes for some reason we all want to be outside trudging round from party to party despite predictably shocking weather. That’s why you need to invest in a big comfy duffle coat. They have been popular for quite a while but never really cut it in the style stakes until now. Try a fawn or other pale colour with a patterned jumper or cardigan underneath.

Do you have any other suggestions?


Hanson Black is a fashion guru. He believes that at the root of every ensemble is a slogan t shirt or a selection of funny t shirts ready just in case it all comes off.

Wheels of Fortune Fashion Show

October 30th, 2010

Four of our models walked in the event part of the “ White Night” revolving around fashion on bicycles.

What’s Next In Spring 2012 Nail Fashion?

October 29th, 2010

2011 was dominated by the UV Manicure.  Leading the group was the Shellac Manicure, then the Axxium Manicure, Gelish Manicure, Gelac and quickly catching up is the DIY Red Carpet Manicure.  The question has been asked if this new nail trend will spread into 2012.  Most say it certainly will but with some color twists.

Tuxedo nails

The 2011 New York Fashion week was almost like a time machine that took the participants into next years fashion.  This fashion time machine revealed three groups of nail color twists that will affect nail polishes, including the UV Manicures.

This year’s fashion week showed three main color trends that will dominate the nail polish color market in 2012.

Black nails

The first trend is for all the ladies who are absolutely in love with the electric rock look. The fashion week showed multiple colors that included new pop, rock, and electric excitement.  The polishes are gearing up to shout out from your nails with fashion and energy.

The second trend is for ladies who are in love with nature and fashion.  There is no reason that an organic woman can’t be beautiful as well. It really was no surprise that the fashion industry would brand its own natural polish colors with this “Organatech” color group.  The colors come from things seen in nature like granite, sand, stone, or other earthly tones.  With these colors as the foundation they are brought out with flashes of high tech colors and undertones.

The third trend has taken a page from the books of the royal families throughout the ages.  They all seem to have that special rich antique look that would only be found on the richest of ancient civilizations.  This “Treasured Antiquities” group is full of gold, metallic, bronze, and other antique treasure looks.

These three main nail color groups are sure to be an exciting 2012 season for nail polish colors.  A good description of what to expect for the 2012 nail polish year would have to be “The Year Of No Woman Left Behind In Nail Polish Fashion.” We hope you enjoy your nail polish now and get ready for colors that will amaze you!


October 29th, 2010


For some, fashion is a way of life. Recognising trends, looking fabulous and getting familiar with the latest, cutting edge designs is as important and eating and breathing. But if you are a would-be fashionista in training, where are the best places to observe the finest that the fashion world has to offer? Take our whistle stop tour around the globe’s couture hotspots.

catwalk fashion blog UK



If one place is synonymous with fashion it’s the ‘City of Light’: Paris. Every year the hottest designers and most eager fashion fans descend on the city to regale in the latest trends. In particular, the autumn show, held in October each year, attracts the crowds as it displays the designs the world will be wearing in the following spring and summer. Currently held at the Carousel du Louvre, right by the famous museum, top fashion houses such as Chanel, Vuitton, Gucci and Gaultier strut their stuff. The final show in the fashion year’s calendar, it is also one of the most exclusive with tickets being almost impossible to obtain unless you’re somebody in the fashion world. But the street fashions are just as fantastic and watching the beautiful people come and go on the Rue de Rivoli makes the trip worthwhile.



Initiated back in 1958, the Milan apparel spectacle is considered the most glamorous of the global fashion events and provides the blueprint for other shows. The city was recently voted ‘fashion capital of the world’ out-ranking New York and Paris. With men and women’s clothing represented by separate events, there are now four Milan fashion weeks, with the highpoint considered the Spring/Summer event. With companies such as Gucci, Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and many others based in Milan, the houses jostle for superiority and pull out all the stops to outshine each other. But if you are a lover of fashion, a trip to Milan at anytime is worth it.


While it is considered mainly a showcase for American designers, the New York fashion week extravaganza attracts top names from across the globe. Started during World War II when the clothes conscious were unable to travel to Paris for the latest trends, it is felt the success of the show finally gave US-based designers some leverage over the famous French houses. Now in it’s new home in Lincoln Centre, the Manhattan event kicks off the annual fashion calendar with the autumn line show held in February each year. The focus has shifted slightly in recent years away from the marquee events at prominent sites, with smaller designers showcasing their work at satellite events around the city.

catwalk fashion blog


Rather a latecomer to the party, the first London fashion week launched in 1984. Both traditional British apparel is represented at the shows, as well as the edgier designs favoured by diverse houses such as Vivienne Westwood and Tatty Devine. A clash of the classical and cutting edge, the event is held at the sumptuous Somerset House each year, but recently became the first fashion event to stream everything live on the internet. For those not available to squeeze into the select events, the London Fashion Weekend, a more retail minded event, follows the main event and is open to all.


Many cities are battling with the ‘Big Four’ fashion locales in an attempt to prove their global couture worth. Tokyo, São Paulo, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Singapore and Toronto have annual design spectaculars, trying to gain some ground in the clothing market. Moscow has recently emerged as a forerunner, thanks in part to the sudden explosion of the Russian nouveau riche and an emergence of new designers since the fall of the Soviet Union. Now the biggest fashion week in Eastern Europe collections of local designers are showcased alongside international houses such as Louise Gray, Iceberg and James Long. Pret-a-porter clothing is displayed in March and October each year.

About the Author: Dale Shaw is a freelance writer, currently working for If you’re looking for a relaxing spa day, or a luxurious special treat then check the site out to see what’s on offer.