Our models’ favourite relaxing activities

Being a model unlike to what most people think is a tough job. It’s not just about walking up and down the catwalk for a few minutes but a lot more than is not quite obvious. Castings can be all around London and within one day a model may have to spend hours in public transport trying to attend as many castings as possible. And when a job has been booked a few fittings will take place that again can be anywhere, from central London to Brighton.

London Sanctuary Spa

Source: The Sanctuary London Spa

During fashion shows the intensity is even higher as apart from the stress there is a lot of pressure as everything has to be delivered perfectly. Some designers are so demanding  and have so high expectations which causes extra pressure. Also, fashion shows can take up to ten hours as there is a lot of preparation, time spent for the make-up, the styling, trying again and again the different garments and so much more.

What our models find extremely relaxing after a hard day at work is a enjoying a spa day. A day of indulgence and pampering is so revitalising that makes our models being full of energy again for next week. With so many various spa treatments available, from facial therapies to a health massage there is no wonder why a spa days are so popular among our models.

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