Insider’s information on the “glamorous” life of a model

New York Fashion week is well known for its economic impact as a result of the 232,000 attendees that visit New York Fashion week each year. Fashion designers, media/press, senior executives, buyers and others come from over 30 countries, making New York Fashion week a big international and popular event. Every model dreams of walking in one of the many different fashion shows and although this seems very glamorous and exciting, there are some things that are not as glamorous as you might have thought and I believe that not everyone is aware of the sometimes exhausting, painful, long and tiring shows models need to walk with quite often small-sized high heels. high heels models brighton Above you see a picture of a model that was walking the Louis Vuitton summer/spring 2012 show. The reason why models often have bruised and blistered feet is because the shoes, like the clothes, usually only come in a sample size. This significantly increases the chances that a model might need to walk for several hours in too small shoes, resulting in a very painful experience. Brian Reyes, a fashion designer who is known for his socialite and funky way of designing, noticed during his fall show of 2009 that his models were having a difficult time to walk in his shoes. The models occasionally took off their shoes, either in the middle or towards the end of the runway. This made Brian decide to have his models walk bare foot in the final line up, which I’m sure the models appreciated. So if you thought that being a model is all about the spotlights, the clothes and the fame, you better think again…

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