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2013 Summer Course Guest Post #1

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Five Days With Fashion

*Guest post from Mathilde Frej Klit Hansen who joined our fashion course in July 2013

I attended the fashion course 2013 – BM Models for STS Language School. It was a successful week where I learned more about the fashion industry. We were all divided in groups. All groups had a colour. We all found inspiration to our collection from our moodboard which we had learned from the stylist Rachel Holland who also did it for hers photoshoots that it was a good idea to do.

Image credit: Mathilde Frej Klit Hansen

The first day we worked on our center piece. We got an idea how the look should be. The day after we thought new thoughts. We had learned different things we could work with to make a better look by Rachel Holland. We chose to work with volume. We took all the volume in the back which I think made a really good result out of the dress.

Image credit: Mathilde Frej Klit Hansen

We also had a photoshoot with the photographer Daniel Regan. He took some really good pictures of our collection. The make-up artist Lucy Brown gave us inspiration for how the models make-up should be at the fashion show. The day before the fashion show Bethania Matheus showed how to walk down the catwalk.

Behind the scenes image by Mathilde

The designer Kevin Freeman also came to visit us. He learned us to draw pretty sketches and how to use the right materials to show the right fabrics on paper.

The tricky thing with our collections. You couldn’t use any clothes as it was. A shirt as a shirt – no. A necklace as a necklace – no. It was a little bit difficult but we learned to think different.

Image credit: Mathilde Frej Klit Hansen

We had a make-up team, hairdressers, backstage people, sound and lights people and dressers. We all worked together which made the fashion show to a success.

Image credits: Mathilde Frej Klit Hansen


Christine Centenera

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

A Modern Icon

by Emma Wills

Blessed with an ‘insanely high’ instep (read-inability to wear flats) and a dream job to boot (fashion editor of style bible, Australian Harper’s Bazaar) it’s no wonder Christine can pull together a killer look. Her style encapsulates the perfect balance between rock n roll extravagance and classic elegance, whilst somehow avoiding looking too overdone. Christine’s seamless ability to mix and match started attracting the attention of the fashion paparazzi circa early 2009 when Scott Schumann featured her on The Sartorialist. A colour pop Josh Goot dress teamed with patent YSL booties and a structured black jacket cemented her fashion credentials.

Of all the ‘editorista’s,’* Christine’s style is one of the more accessible, making her a great inspiration. While it is always fun to see Anna Dello Russo prancing around in deluxe designer garments, recreating the look on a high street budget proves a significant challenge. While Ms Centenera is also a designer fan (Gucci, Balmain, YSL, Balenciaga and Marant to name a few) she is applauded for purchasing trans-seasonal staples that can be worn time and time again. A penchant for leather and studs; her signature silhouette compromises of short hemlines and tailored jackets, or slouchy trousers and structured shoulders-always finished with a pair of statement heels.  Luckily for us, it is far easier to find high street knock offs to obtain Christine’s coveted looks. Below are a collection of photo’s showcasing her flawless style.

*Editorista-Fashion Editors who are as fashionable as their job title suggests; following the latest trends as dedicated fashionista’s.

Christine Centenera

Christine Centenera Christine Centenra

Christine Centenera

From Gogol to Google – the making of Yandex

Friday, April 29th, 2011

It takes something out of the ordinary to unseat Google from its customary first place in any market. But with 60%-plus of all search traffic in Russia flowing through Yandex, the company – also a significant presence in Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan – is a major player in the Russian-speaking world. By comparison, Google has just a quarter of the Russian-speaking market.

Of course, the internet is rarely bound by national borders, and since 2010 the company has offered (as opposed to the Russian At the time, the search engine referred to the move as ‘the beginning of a long journey’  – which could be taken as a nod towards the enormity of the work ahead, or alternatively, as a statement of intent for its ambitions.

And Yandex today seems to be flourishing. In 2011, it raised some US $1.3 billion on NASDAQ in the biggest dotcom IPO since Google. Meanwhile, by some measures, it has become the fourth biggest search engine in the world, after Google, China-based Baidu, and Yahoo. By late 2012 it was beating out Bing – at least in terms of the volume of search requests.

Russian literature – and Russia’s biggest search engine

Yandex was co-founded in 1997 by Arkady Volozh. The 50-year-old applied mathematics graduate is CEO and director of the search firm. Fêted as a serial entrepreneur, Volozh was GQ Russia’s businessman of the year in 2012 and has a personal fortune of some US $1.3 billion, according to Forbes. Graduating from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas in 1986, just as the Soviet Union was confronting its economic decrepitude, Volozh seized the opportunity to start a newly-legal private business, importing computers.

Co-founding a series of tech companies, including Arkadia and CompTek International, Volozh toyed with programmes to search Russian classical literature, before working with his schoolfriend, Ilya Segalovich. Having graduated from S. Ordzhonikidze Moscow Geologic Exploration Institute, Segalovich was following a similar path from the fossil fuel economy to the digital world. At Arkadia, Segalovich developed work on an application for non-structured information with Russian morphology – parsing the Cyrillic alphabet searches in the Russian language. In 1997, Segalovich became Yandex co-founder with Volozh, having coined the name from ‘Yet Another iNDEX’. Despite dying at just 48 in 2013, Segalovich found time to help orphans and special needs children by co-founding Moscow-based Maria’s Children Art Rehabilitation Center.

Ask Yandex?

So why is Yandex thriving? Volozh has suggested  a range of factors behind its success, including the relatively high internet usage by Russians– and its strong tradition of producing programmers. Add to that the awakening of a once-socialist nation’s dormant consumerism, and the conditions for triumph are clear.

On a technical level, the search engine is uniquely positioned to make sense of the Cyrillic alphabet used by Russian – a specialism beyond the globe-straddling focus of Google. Quite simply, Yandex understands the Russian language and its syntax better than Google, meaning the search results are better for users. So while the search giant struggles to gain a chokehold on niche markets, Yandex wins out in Russian with its better grasp of the local content. Even when used for searches in English, some say Yandex has a cleaner layout, less intrusive adverts – and similarly good results.

It’s not afraid to take on the king of the jungle, either. Just look at a recent Google-aping campaign. Rather than the traditional encouragement to ‘ask Yandex’, the thrust of this message is that the search engine now knows what you want – no need to ask. It’s the language of Big Brother; but employed in the digital fulfilment of capitalist dreams.

And Yandex is also not shy about taking the bull by the horns. In March it announced it has recently started to remove links from Moscow area commercial queries – as they were not adding to the quality of results. In their place, Yandex says it will measure how humans interact with sites to help determine ranking.

Enriching the ecosystem

Like the biggest internet companies, Yandex refuses to stand still. It has steadily increased its clout by acquiring smaller businesses to expand its portfolio. This includes improving aspects  such as its geolocation capabilities through Israel-based KitLocate, or integrating KinoPoisk – ‘the Russian IMDB’ – into its search.

While it has expanded outside of former Soviet countries by entering the Turkish market, today Yandex is seemingly focusing on growing its product range for the domestic market. In addition to the core search offering, Yandex has the usual suite of email, cloud storage, maps, news, electronic payment systems, and many more. Then there’s the focus  on mobile applications, which is set to see its services pre-installed on Android smartphones from two manufacturers.

The immediate future could be rocky though. Yandex has warned that the economic sanctions against Russia caused by the ongoing tension in Ukraine could have a serious impact on its business – an unfortunate situation for a company which has stood up to the government, and in support of a free internet.

Daniel Regan Shoots Headism Exhibition

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

If you have been on the Underground recently you may have seen some of the posters for the exciting new exhibition called ‘Headism’ from artist Phillip Levine.

Here at BM Models we are especially anticipating this exhibition as it has been shot buy our very own talented Daniel Regan who we are lucky enough to work closely with; he has been involved in shooting many of our productions and models creating stunning images.

The exhibition is created by artist Levine who uses his own head to create and display works of art since losing he bagn to loose his hair in 2006. The exhibition will be a multi-media experience and combines the talent of the artist Levine, body artist Kat Sinclair, sculptors John and Tristan Schoonraad and photographer Daniel Regan

Regan’s images in the exhibition will showcasing 10 of Levine’s head designs, as well as being used on the Underground poster campaign. Headism will run at NL Dutch Cultrual Pop Up Space, west London,  between the 4th and 9th of May.

We are really proud of this amazing photographer and cannot wait to see the exhibition when it opens!

New Year, New Faces…

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

The Details…..
1st OPEN CASTING OF THE YEAR- Why not pop along to meet us!!!

WHEN: Saturday 22nd January
WHAT TIME: 10am-2pm
WHERE: 82 Queens Road, Brighton BN1 3XE (buzzer BM Models)

All potential models are required to bring along a head photo and a full length photo. Feel free to also bring along a portfolio or book if you have one (either printed or on a memory stick). No professional photographs are required we can tell your potential from any normal photograph.

Males: 15+, 6′ and over
Females: 15+, 5′8” and over.
All models under 18 should bring a parent or guardian

open casting Brighton

How to achieve flawless skin without retouching

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

We all want clear, bright skin: it makes a fantastic first impression, removing the need to use large amounts of makeup, and widespread photo editing. You don’t have to take toxic medication or got through intense treatment to make spot-free skin a reality. Here are some tips you should follow, if you want clear and flawless skin, wowing agents and clients alike.

Drink plenty of water and herbal tea

Water has anti-oxidant properties and health care professionals say you should be drinking eight 200ml glasses of it a day. That said, if you find water tasteless and unexciting, there is an alternative. Herbal tea is fantastic for your skin and your all round well-being. Ditch the sugary snacks and drinks and invest in some good herbal tea. Herbal tea often has a bad reputation for ‘tasting of grass’, but if you try different combinations, especially from the pukka range, you’ll be converted to the herbal side. My personal favourite from the range is the organic peppermint, spearmint and fieldmint tea.

Use bareMinerals make-up

Wearing makeup can be a vicious cycle. You wear makeup to cover up spots, but it clogs up your pores, creating more blemishes. Luckily for you, there is an alternative. Have you heard of makeup that contains minerals that actually works with your skin? Mineral makeup aids cellular growth, and doesn’t clog your pores. bareMinerals make up is an affordable alternative to your current makeup, creating a light or heavy coverage. Even with heavy coverage, you feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all! Better yet, bareMinerals make up gives your UVA/UVB sun protection and works against environmental stressors.

They offer a Customisable Start Up Kit with all of the essentials, including foundation, brushes, bronzer and primer, retailing at only £50.

Check out their other products on their website or find a local boutique near you to get a colour match.

Stop scrubbing and invest in Tea-tree oil

Have you been spending a small fortune on spot treatment scrubs and lotions? Stop that now. Scrubbing away at your face only rids your skin of essential natural oils that your skin needs to rejuvenate, creating more spots. Tea-tree has been used for hundreds of years for various ailments and skin problems. You too can join in with this age old tradition, and you will be amazed by the results. Put tea-tree in your moisturiser, hair conditioner and bubble bath, or try filling up a spray bottle with water and tea-tree oil, to use on your body and face after a hot shower. A couple of drops of tea-tree in any of your skin care products works wonders, cleansing your pores. So throw those scrubbing washes away and invest in some tee-tree oil, available from pharmacy outlets, such as Boots. Buy pure 100 percent tea-tree for the best results.

About the author: Sophie Odgers-Roe is a freelance writer, with a passion for natural beauty skincare and hair products.

Scam Modelling Agencies

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

by Megan S.

If you type in ‘Modelling Agency’ into Google you are instantly hit with millions of responses, making it difficult for aspiring models to select an agency to apply for and be able to differentiate between those that are genuine and those that are trying to scam you.


There are several points that you can use to identify whether an agency is trustworthy and genuine or not. The biggest identifier of these unrepeatable agencies is those that charge large sums of money, or require fees. A good agency makes their money from the commission earned for your jobs rather than a direct fee paid by the model.

One of the most prolific scams is that of charging high amounts for portfolios, to apply for a modelling agency you do not need to have existing professional photographs, and once you have joined the agency should not charge you a lot, if anything, to begin to develop your portfolio. They may suggest photographers to you to start your portfolio and as your career in the modelling industry develops your portfolio will grow with photographs from your jobs.

Any money that you owe the agency for items such as comp cards or shoots with photographers to develop your portfolio will be paid by the money earned from jobs you get.

To protect yourself the best advice is to research any agency thoroughly before a meeting, and if they ask you to sign anything on the first meet and if the ask you to sign or pay then run away. Any reputable agency won’t ask you to do this.


Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Online magazine Stunnz summer issue features fresh faced Imogen and Allanah.

stunnz magazine

Dream Think Speak Productions

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Dream Think Speak’s Brighton Festival show entitled ‘Before I Sleep’ involved several of the BM Models in the production.

Time to Dream

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Here a BM Models, we were privileged to receive guest tickets to the preview night of Before I Sleep, a production by the esteemed theater company Dream-Think-Speak being performed as part of this year’s Brighton Festival. BM Models Ngozi and Alannah accompanied Yours Truly to what I can only describe as one of the most innovative, surprising and original pieces of theater/performance art I have ever had the pleasure to experience. The show takes place over all three floors of the old Co-op buil Seriously guys this production is so excellently put together with an impeccable level of attention to detail – there’s even something in there for all you fashion lovers (but that’s all I’m saying!).

Now with rave reviews raining down on this company, it was no surprise that the show had sold out before its opening night (once again, thanks Jenny for the tickets!), but today it leaked to us that they have EXTENDED their run and will now be performing until the 13th June. Tickets will be on sale soon via the Dream-Think-Speak website!

Take our advice and go! You won’t regret it!