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Catwalk Workshops

Friday, July 29th, 2011

The runway walk is an aspect that one so closely associates with a model, the perfect posture, the graceful stride and the underlying confidence so familiar to us all. However it is not something you are born with, the girls and boys from the catwalk didn’t strut as toddlers they all had to be taught.

catwalk workshop in Brighton

The art of the perfect walk is not reserved for models, it may not be necessary to stride down the pavement like you are walking down the runway for Chanel but certain aspects are great to use and make a real difference to any individual. Good posture brings an air of confidence to anyone, after all slouching is something we are all guilty of, and the way we walk and present ourselves is a key influence on the response we gain from others. Here at BM Models we offer catwalk workshops taught by director and model Bethania Matheus, the workshops teach you tips and techniques and really get you thinking about your movements. Each workshop is tailored to the group’s needs; budding models are instructed about the best means to show off the clothes they are wearing on the runway and non-models are given tips to focus on posture and confidence.

catwalk workshop in London

Each workshop initially gets you to all work together with exercises aimed to loosen you up and break down each element to be learnt. Walking may seem as natural as breathing but there are so many components when you actually have to think about what you are doing, for example do you know where you lead your body from when you walk? After she has passed her wisdom onto you, Bethania then focuses on everyone individually, tweaking and tuning you till you are positively perfect! Recent workshops include Sussex Fashion Awards, Brighton Fashion Weekbrides-to-be, models for Brighton designers Jo Fleming and Renaissance shows.

For enquiries or more information about our catwalk workshops please email or call Bethania on 07846734844

Applying to a Model Agency

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

By Megan Salmon

These days as well as going to open castings at agencies looking for new faces you can do it via the comfort of your home through the magic of the internet. Almost all agencies have a ‘become a model’ section and application form. If you find an agency that you think fits with your look and aspirations then there is nothing lost by sending in an application! However when send an application to any model agency there are a few things you should consider:

Firstly read the agencies requirements of models if they have height preferences and you do not meet them then maybe you should reconsider your application. As horrid as that sounds they have written it there for a reason.

Secondly the images you send, the agency may require certain shots eg a head, profile and full length so it is best to follow these. Also the images you choose should be natural and unedited. Remember that you do not need professional photographs a model agency can judge your potential from any snapshot so please don’t waste a lot of money on unnecessary professional photoshoots.

Finally, as disheartening as it may be an agency receives many, many applications from aspiring models each day so if you don’t hear back then don’t be disheartened they won’t have the time to reply with advice to every application they receive.

Hope this little bit of advice is of use to you aspiring models, and best of luck in your application!

Training Tips For Gaining A Model’s Physique

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Being a Fitness model relies on their physique and body image to help pay the bills, which makes their training, fitness, nutrition and workouts important. Although many people believe that getting the ideal figure is tantamount to undergoing a challenging process you don’t actually have to make great deal of sacrifices to make your goals achievable. However, It does require dedication and commitment, which why following a great UK fitness blog does help.

All the training sessions will consist of low weights and supersets, which is a type of training routine. The supersets will only have 30-second breaks between each superset, you’ll need to cut down the weight so you won’t have to sacrifice form because of the heavy weights. Before you train, it is important to make sure you are in the ‘zone’ and focused.  This will help the mental barriers that you might face, which will help you achieve the physiological challenges ahead. This is important with superset training as you are pushing your muscles to absolute failure and fatigue.

Make sure that you are covering all major muscle groups in your weekly training sessions, including leg workouts. Most people don’t regard leg workouts in the same regard as the other parts of the body like chest and arms. However, this muscle group is the biggest, which will result in your body releasing more endodomophins, to help your muscles grow and tone. Light weights should be used in workouts, so reps will range anywhere from 15-to-20 to assure you fully exhaust your muscles. The only exception to this is abs, and reps should be the 25 range. Sets will be kept down to 3 per exercise, and rest in between each superset/exercise will only be 30 seconds.

In order maintain maximal conditioning, fitness models need to perform at least 60 minutes of cardio twice per week, on top of the superset workout. Before pumping up for a photo shoot, make sure look at yourself in the mirror and find the weak points that need improvement. For example, if your arms  aren’t as developed as the rest of your muscles, then you should focus on pumping up your biceps and triceps before any other muscle. In addition, a good tan can help bring out definition and detail. The darker you are the more defined you look. You can go to a tanning bed or simply buy tanning products. Along with a great nutrition plan.

What’s Next In Spring 2012 Nail Fashion?

Friday, October 29th, 2010

2011 was dominated by the UV Manicure.  Leading the group was the Shellac Manicure, then the Axxium Manicure, Gelish Manicure, Gelac and quickly catching up is the DIY Red Carpet Manicure.  The question has been asked if this new nail trend will spread into 2012.  Most say it certainly will but with some color twists.

Tuxedo nails

The 2011 New York Fashion week was almost like a time machine that took the participants into next years fashion.  This fashion time machine revealed three groups of nail color twists that will affect nail polishes, including the UV Manicures.

This year’s fashion week showed three main color trends that will dominate the nail polish color market in 2012.

Black nails

The first trend is for all the ladies who are absolutely in love with the electric rock look. The fashion week showed multiple colors that included new pop, rock, and electric excitement.  The polishes are gearing up to shout out from your nails with fashion and energy.

The second trend is for ladies who are in love with nature and fashion.  There is no reason that an organic woman can’t be beautiful as well. It really was no surprise that the fashion industry would brand its own natural polish colors with this “Organatech” color group.  The colors come from things seen in nature like granite, sand, stone, or other earthly tones.  With these colors as the foundation they are brought out with flashes of high tech colors and undertones.

The third trend has taken a page from the books of the royal families throughout the ages.  They all seem to have that special rich antique look that would only be found on the richest of ancient civilizations.  This “Treasured Antiquities” group is full of gold, metallic, bronze, and other antique treasure looks.

These three main nail color groups are sure to be an exciting 2012 season for nail polish colors.  A good description of what to expect for the 2012 nail polish year would have to be “The Year Of No Woman Left Behind In Nail Polish Fashion.” We hope you enjoy your nail polish now and get ready for colors that will amaze you!

Insider’s information on the “glamorous” life of a model

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

New York Fashion week is well known for its economic impact as a result of the 232,000 attendees that visit New York Fashion week each year. Fashion designers, media/press, senior executives, buyers and others come from over 30 countries, making New York Fashion week a big international and popular event. Every model dreams of walking in one of the many different fashion shows and although this seems very glamorous and exciting, there are some things that are not as glamorous as you might have thought and I believe that not everyone is aware of the sometimes exhausting, painful, long and tiring shows models need to walk with quite often small-sized high heels. high heels models brighton Above you see a picture of a model that was walking the Louis Vuitton summer/spring 2012 show. The reason why models often have bruised and blistered feet is because the shoes, like the clothes, usually only come in a sample size. This significantly increases the chances that a model might need to walk for several hours in too small shoes, resulting in a very painful experience. Brian Reyes, a fashion designer who is known for his socialite and funky way of designing, noticed during his fall show of 2009 that his models were having a difficult time to walk in his shoes. The models occasionally took off their shoes, either in the middle or towards the end of the runway. This made Brian decide to have his models walk bare foot in the final line up, which I’m sure the models appreciated. So if you thought that being a model is all about the spotlights, the clothes and the fame, you better think again…

Diet Tips for Healthy Hair

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

by Megan S.

Good hair is an enviable characteristic of anyone’s appearance, but it is not just the prefect haircut and colour that is important. A healthy, glossy head of hair is just as important and a person’s diet affects this as hair requires the right food to be strong and healthy.

Hair is made of keratin, a type of protein, and therefore a protein rich diet is essential; fish, chicken, eggs and soya are good sources and one portion should be eaten everyday. As well as protein hair requires a blend of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, especially Omega 3, B6, B12 and folic acid. Some good foods include; fish, bananas, citrus fruit, wholegrain, meat and dairy.

If a healthy balanced diet is eaten, hair will get all it needs, and an extra boast can be gained from multivitamin supplements too.

For more dietary tips and information visit Bento Alimento by Carolina Young.