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Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

We welcome all STS students to our Summer Fashion Course!!!

Until the 13th of July we will be very busy hosting a fashion course for a lovely group of 40 Scandinavian students. The BM Fashion Course features a full week course designed for students who have an interest in fashion.

The aim of the course is to give the participants an insight about modelling, fashion styling and fashion production, working towards the creation of their own fashion show.

Some of the workshops which are part of the course include:

Rachel Holland at BM Fashion Course In Brighton, Summer 2012

"The meaning of Fashion Styling" with Rachel Holland @BM Fashion Course at BMC

Kevin Freeman at BM Fashion Course in Brighton

"Fashion drawing for beginners" with Kevin Freeman


We are sold out for this summer but if you would like to enquire or book your place for our next fashion course in Autumn 2012 please get in touch at

* Dates to be confirmed. Please check back our blog and facebook page for more info and updates!

* For more information about our Catwalk Workshops please contact Bethania at

Neon November

Friday, May 4th, 2012

By Emma Wills

I have a new neon obsession. Neon first came to my attention as a serious fashion statement during LFW, when a whole host of fabulous arms were seen carrying a contemporary take on the classic Cambridge satchel in vivid fluro. Since, I have yearned to adorn my arms, wrists, feet and even entire body in the most garish shades of green, orange, yellow and pink. This is of course something my boyfriend has a wild aversion to and my sister believes should stay firmly within the region of Claire’s Accessories stores.

The key to rocking winter brights without looking like a bad 80s tribute of course all lies in the styling. Sloppy silhouettes and colours that are more car crash than edgy clash will not do. Structure, minimalistic silhouettes and well-chosen accessories are the best ways to start building a neon look. Take the fluro yellow Cambridge satchel for starters; a perfectly proportioned and well-designed bag that has been refreshed and modernised in a sumptuous shade of sulphur yellow. Style blogger Carolina Engman previously worked the bag with a monochromatic ensemble, crisp white blazer and fitted black jeans. The pop of neon added a spark of interest to an otherwise bland combination.

To take the neon style credentials up a notch, start working multiple bright colours into an outfit. A bright orange sweater teamed with statement pink heels would work, if broken up by a simple charcoal a line mini skirt. Alternatively, chose one statement piece, such as a neon yellow skirt and wear with a crisp white shirt, thus letting one element of your outfit to do the talking. The more daring fashion enthusiasts can work the trend head to toe. Take inspiration from picture 3 below, the orange and royal blue colour clash perhaps wouldn’t work on paper, but in life makes for a vivid and harmonious statement.  The simple tailoring and the continuity of orange through to the shoes are vital to this praise worthy combination. Finally, look to the likes of high flying fashion journalist Miroslava Duma, who carries off a block of lime green effortlessly with well-chosen black accessories.

Happy Styling!

Images: Via Fashion Squad and Tumblr


Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

With LFW in full swing it seems only right to review one of my favourite shows so far. Marios Schwab’s S/S 2012 offering was at once empowering, striking and beautiful. His inspiration behind the collection was Chiaroscuro; the particular lighting effect that was used in the Film Noir genre to give a sharp contrast between light and dark. The Film Noir heroine was thus entertained in the show, as the models strutted down the catwalk in an array of structured dresses and carefully crafted silhouettes.

Lattice panelled dresses in black, white and pastels embraced a modern aesthetic. These cutwork dresses were followed by black gauze layered over white, pale red and cornflower blue-playing on shadows and shimmer. To finish, a crystal encrusted bodice, sparkling from under a voluminous translucent plastic gown and then under sheer black chiffon wowed the audience. The Swarovski crystals catching the light under the darkened fabrics particularly alluded to the Chiaroscuro effect.

A collection that was true to the designer’s aesthetic- dresses engineered to complement and enhance the female form, many pieces were instantly wearable. Personal favourites included the peach lattice work dress with high neckline, the netting and bejewelled maxi dress and of course the sheer chiffon gown over the enchanting crystallised bodice.

Images: fashionising

The Story of the Elusive Pneumonia White

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

By Emma Wills

With the internet now inundated with fashion bloggers, finding a blog that stands out from the rest is quite hard to come by. Pneumonia white captivated me from the first click, the images and words creating a modern fairy tale that is in equal parts intriguing and morbid. Anya, the creator, is vague and mysterious. Her hazy and ethereal images capture a pale, elfish girl with an impeccable dress sense-yet reveal little more. Her eyes are always hidden.

She writes in fragments, so we may get glimpses of her life but never the full picture; like looking through a kaleidoscope. We know she lives in Hollywood, yet it is not as we think. For Anya experiences a secret Hollywood, where loneliness prevails and self-medication comes in the form of newly packaged shoes and opulent designer dresses. The people in her life weave shades of grey through the tapestry. Pneumonia black, her best friend, is persuasive and impulsive. Black is personified in pictures yet remains elusive enough to perhaps be a mere alter ego of White. It is a confusing, addictive and sometimes frustrating read-but should be visited to see the wonderful pictures alone.

After a mere two months, the Pneumonia White blog is now notorious in the blogosphere. Criticised by some for being a huge PR stunt as part of a bigger blogging network and praised by others as a riveting read with inspiring photography-only one thing is for sure. We may never know who Pneumonia White really is.

Images: Pneumonia White


Monday, August 8th, 2011

By Emma Wills

Every so often, a newly discovered designer will enchant their way onto our fashion radar. Woven threads, like liquid silver, or the crispness of a starched structured shoulder; intricate beading or angular edges may capture our attention. Designer Kym Ellery did just that; working fairy-tale magic to create an allure of mystery and power in her garments.

Kym, the creative force behind the brand E L L E R Y, is fashion royalty in her home country of Australia. Born into a suitably artistic family, the Perth native completed a certificate of Fashion Design before attending the acclaimed Central St. Martins in London. After a four year stint working as part of the creative team for RUSSH magazine (now a leading fashion title in Australia), Kym focused her creative talents on launching E L L E R Y in 2007.

The brand seamlessly blends an intoxicating mix of regimental order and spirited freedom through Kym’s contemporary designs. Fabrics range from shimmering metallics, to crisp clinical whites and deep midnight hues. A reliance on strong structures is apparent throughout E L L E R Y collections, yet the insouciance which epitomises Australian style is never lost.

The current collection is a myriad of geometric cut jackets and tunics, structured midriff showing tops in an array of fabrics, metallic shorts and shimmering floor sweeping skirts which sublimely complement one another. The overall result is nothing short of a modern feminine masterpiece.

Visit the website to see more of the collection.

Catwalk Workshops

Friday, July 29th, 2011

The runway walk is an aspect that one so closely associates with a model, the perfect posture, the graceful stride and the underlying confidence so familiar to us all. However it is not something you are born with, the girls and boys from the catwalk didn’t strut as toddlers they all had to be taught.

catwalk workshop in Brighton

The art of the perfect walk is not reserved for models, it may not be necessary to stride down the pavement like you are walking down the runway for Chanel but certain aspects are great to use and make a real difference to any individual. Good posture brings an air of confidence to anyone, after all slouching is something we are all guilty of, and the way we walk and present ourselves is a key influence on the response we gain from others. Here at BM Models we offer catwalk workshops taught by director and model Bethania Matheus, the workshops teach you tips and techniques and really get you thinking about your movements. Each workshop is tailored to the group’s needs; budding models are instructed about the best means to show off the clothes they are wearing on the runway and non-models are given tips to focus on posture and confidence.

catwalk workshop in London

Each workshop initially gets you to all work together with exercises aimed to loosen you up and break down each element to be learnt. Walking may seem as natural as breathing but there are so many components when you actually have to think about what you are doing, for example do you know where you lead your body from when you walk? After she has passed her wisdom onto you, Bethania then focuses on everyone individually, tweaking and tuning you till you are positively perfect! Recent workshops include Sussex Fashion Awards, Brighton Fashion Weekbrides-to-be, models for Brighton designers Jo Fleming and Renaissance shows.

For enquiries or more information about our catwalk workshops please email or call Bethania on 07846734844

Sheer is the New Black

Monday, July 25th, 2011

By Emma Wills

As fashions come and go, the once debatable sheer trend seems to be here to stay. Initially deemed a fabric best left for the sartorially savvy fashionista’s to experiment with, for fear of getting it wrong and looking more Moll Flanders than McQueen, it is now apparent that everyone wants to be seen in sheer.  Kate Middleton is currently holding the status of one of the best dressed in Britain, a title I am sure many would kill for beyond that of a Duchess. Yet, lest we forget that scandalous cloth of Italian yarns that allegedly won Williams heart, sheer fabrics are to be worn with utmost care in order to stay on the right side of alluring.

The midi, which reached cult status this spring/summer, is receiving a sheer update in time for autumn/winter.  Something about the primness of a knee brushing skirt detracts from any negative connotations that sheer clothing may provoke. The key to styling sheer in fact lies in the balance, the perfect amount of demure to daring. The classic blouse, a wardrobe staple, is a great example. Fully buttoned up and worn with smart tailored trousers, the peeping of a lace bra underneath is hardly offensive. Sheer fabrics can be worn and used in a multitude of ways through panelling, feminine draping and layering.

Take cues from the street style pictures below. A sheer lace maxi with a simple white t-shirt makes for instant daytime chic. Anja Rubik in the second picture demonstrates how to wear high waisted knicker shorts under a sheer dress. Teemed with easy flats, she shows just the right amount of flesh without being overtly provocative. Olivia Palermo, the darling of tailored elegance remains perfectly demure with cross hatch detailing on a translucent dress. Never again will black be boring.

Images: Carolines Mode

Kate Couture

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

By Emma Wills

The name Kate now seems to be synonymous with amazing tastes in wedding couture. Just over two months since the Duchess of Cambridge glided down the aisle in that McQueen creation, Kate Moss married Jamie Hince wearing a vintage inspired Galliano. Understated glamour is what Kate does best and the floor length fitted dress was no exception. Thesimplistic silhouette echoed the nostalgic elegance of the 1920s while sequins and sheer panelling added drama. A delicately embroidered veil with a smattering of silver sequins was the crowning glory, complimenting Kate’s loose bohemian waves and ethereal beauty.

While Galliano has been unable to avoid the negative glare of the media in recent times, his talent as a designer is undeniable. The fashion world was reminded of his brilliance when pictures of Kate surfaced, prompting glowing reviews. The workmanship of the gown seemed to perfectly capture the very essence of Moss and the free spiritedness she radiates.  Surely a welcome commendation for Galliano; who awaits a court verdict in September following his dismissal from Christian Dior.

BM Fashion Course Video Promo – Summer 2012

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Credit: Marco Barneto

New Faces: February

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

After a successful open casting in january we would like to introduce you to our four new faces: Adam, Bernadette, Henriette and Grant!

Welcome to BM Models, we just can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you all!