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Our New Faces on the Catwalk for Charity

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

IGIGI Fashion Show in BrightonGot plans Friday? Well  you do now!

Clothes, models, cocktails and a chance to shop, what better way to spend a Friday right!

Four of BM Models lovely new faces are walking at IGIGI’s show on Friday 25th, and we can’t wait to see them. Or what they are wearing! They will be showcasing IGIGIi’s spring summer fashions as well as lots of other local brands

Not only is there all this lovely stuff going on you get to feel a it good as it is all for charity, with the money going to Knowles Tooth Children’s Charity! So quick go get your ticket


Friday, October 29th, 2010


For some, fashion is a way of life. Recognising trends, looking fabulous and getting familiar with the latest, cutting edge designs is as important and eating and breathing. But if you are a would-be fashionista in training, where are the best places to observe the finest that the fashion world has to offer? Take our whistle stop tour around the globe’s couture hotspots.

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If one place is synonymous with fashion it’s the ‘City of Light’: Paris. Every year the hottest designers and most eager fashion fans descend on the city to regale in the latest trends. In particular, the autumn show, held in October each year, attracts the crowds as it displays the designs the world will be wearing in the following spring and summer. Currently held at the Carousel du Louvre, right by the famous museum, top fashion houses such as Chanel, Vuitton, Gucci and Gaultier strut their stuff. The final show in the fashion year’s calendar, it is also one of the most exclusive with tickets being almost impossible to obtain unless you’re somebody in the fashion world. But the street fashions are just as fantastic and watching the beautiful people come and go on the Rue de Rivoli makes the trip worthwhile.



Initiated back in 1958, the Milan apparel spectacle is considered the most glamorous of the global fashion events and provides the blueprint for other shows. The city was recently voted ‘fashion capital of the world’ out-ranking New York and Paris. With men and women’s clothing represented by separate events, there are now four Milan fashion weeks, with the highpoint considered the Spring/Summer event. With companies such as Gucci, Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and many others based in Milan, the houses jostle for superiority and pull out all the stops to outshine each other. But if you are a lover of fashion, a trip to Milan at anytime is worth it.


While it is considered mainly a showcase for American designers, the New York fashion week extravaganza attracts top names from across the globe. Started during World War II when the clothes conscious were unable to travel to Paris for the latest trends, it is felt the success of the show finally gave US-based designers some leverage over the famous French houses. Now in it’s new home in Lincoln Centre, the Manhattan event kicks off the annual fashion calendar with the autumn line show held in February each year. The focus has shifted slightly in recent years away from the marquee events at prominent sites, with smaller designers showcasing their work at satellite events around the city.

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Rather a latecomer to the party, the first London fashion week launched in 1984. Both traditional British apparel is represented at the shows, as well as the edgier designs favoured by diverse houses such as Vivienne Westwood and Tatty Devine. A clash of the classical and cutting edge, the event is held at the sumptuous Somerset House each year, but recently became the first fashion event to stream everything live on the internet. For those not available to squeeze into the select events, the London Fashion Weekend, a more retail minded event, follows the main event and is open to all.


Many cities are battling with the ‘Big Four’ fashion locales in an attempt to prove their global couture worth. Tokyo, São Paulo, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Singapore and Toronto have annual design spectaculars, trying to gain some ground in the clothing market. Moscow has recently emerged as a forerunner, thanks in part to the sudden explosion of the Russian nouveau riche and an emergence of new designers since the fall of the Soviet Union. Now the biggest fashion week in Eastern Europe collections of local designers are showcased alongside international houses such as Louise Gray, Iceberg and James Long. Pret-a-porter clothing is displayed in March and October each year.

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And behind the camera……?

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Ever wondered what happens behing the scenes at a fashion shoot? What really goes on out of the view of the camera’s unforgiving lens?
Big personalities, tiffs, tears, tantrums and melodrama surely?

Well, big personalities defiantly, melodrama maybe but tears and tantrums? Tea and toast was more like it at the last BM Models photoshoot.

The usual suspects got together; make up artist Jonathon Walker, hair styling guru Ioanna Pitsillou-Kruizenga of Headmasters Brighton and photographer Peter Willams set about working their magic on BM Models’ Bethany, Mollie and Alannah.

Turns out that BM’s Director Bethania ain’t too bad behind the flasher herself – check out her exclusive behind the scenes photos below:

Ciao for now….