2013 Summer Course Guest Post #1

Five Days With Fashion

*Guest post from Mathilde Frej Klit Hansen who joined our fashion course in July 2013

I attended the fashion course 2013 – BM Models for STS Language School. It was a successful week where I learned more about the fashion industry. We were all divided in groups. All groups had a colour. We all found inspiration to our collection from our moodboard which we had learned from the stylist Rachel Holland who also did it for hers photoshoots that it was a good idea to do.

Image credit: Mathilde Frej Klit Hansen

The first day we worked on our center piece. We got an idea how the look should be. The day after we thought new thoughts. We had learned different things we could work with to make a better look by Rachel Holland. We chose to work with volume. We took all the volume in the back which I think made a really good result out of the dress.

Image credit: Mathilde Frej Klit Hansen

We also had a photoshoot with the photographer Daniel Regan. He took some really good pictures of our collection. The make-up artist Lucy Brown gave us inspiration for how the models make-up should be at the fashion show. The day before the fashion show Bethania Matheus showed how to walk down the catwalk.

Behind the scenes image by Mathilde

The designer Kevin Freeman also came to visit us. He learned us to draw pretty sketches and how to use the right materials to show the right fabrics on paper.

The tricky thing with our collections. You couldn’t use any clothes as it was. A shirt as a shirt – no. A necklace as a necklace – no. It was a little bit difficult but we learned to think different.

Image credit: Mathilde Frej Klit Hansen

We had a make-up team, hairdressers, backstage people, sound and lights people and dressers. We all worked together which made the fashion show to a success.

Image credits: Mathilde Frej Klit Hansen


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